Want to change the world
from within?

"As we face major social and environmental challenges, we know we have to change altogether as a civilization. But Change comes from Within."

Indigo is a Venture Lab dedicated to Mental Health and Inner Transformation.

We are grateful to have built a strong community of worldwide experts, helping us create cutting-edge businesses that foster change from within.

Every year, leveraging this collective intelligence, we ideate hundreds of businesses, test and challenge dozens, keep the most promising ones, and partner with purpose-driven entrepreneurs to launch 5+ companies, each year.

42% of Startups' Failures are due to
"No Market Need"

But creating a business goes way beyond having a good idea.

According to a study from CB Insights, the Number 1 reason why startups fail is due to "No Market Need". Entrepreneurs jump too quickly into the experimentation, without running through market studies, hoping to find the Product-Market fit ... down the road.

At Indigo we believe Market is King.

Indeed, the execution determines whether an idea is developed to its full potential. But Ideas are not equal. Following a 5-step process, Indigo Venture Lab produce Ideas that are worth launching.

1. We explore a theme by building a knowledge base with experts in the field;
2. We ideate by leveraging the creativity of our worldwide community of members;
3. We assess the opportunity by analyzing customer trends and competitions;
4. We build a compelling business plan, operating model, and growth strategy;
5. We launch companies by assembling dream teams of entrepreneurs.

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